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Accounting Services

From simple to complex taxes, we make filing your taxes easy.


We can prepare your federal and state (all 50 states) tax returns accurately and provide timely suggestions on minimizing your taxes. We believe that comprehensive and timely tax planning is the key to lowering taxes for individuals and business entities. 


Our bookkeeping staff will become familiar with your accounting system quickly, giving you the same services you'd expect from an in-house bookkeeper on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Financial Statement Compilation

If you need compilations, we can provide monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements. These financial statements can be used for loan qualification, construction licensing, business certifications and business acquisitions. More importantly, we can help you use these statements, as well as other reports, to better manage your business and increase your profitability.


Computerized Accounting Function

​With experience in several accounting packages for small businesses, we can help you make the right decision about software and get you up and running.


Other Accounting Services

  • Reconcile your bank statements 

  • Post expenses & revenues

  • Post wages and taxes to employees' records 

  • Calculate tax and depreciation entries

  • Create a set of books for your company (General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledgers, Payroll Register, Trial Balance)

  • Create Financial Statements (Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Statement of Cash Flow)

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly compilation reports 

Let's Work Together

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