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History of 
Tate's Tax and Accounting Services

"All Hands on Deck"

For over 65 years, Tate's Tax Service has provided professional financial services to our community. As we employ the 4th generation of our legacy, we strive to offer the same family-owned and operated feeling with advanced expertise, quality, and customer service.


Charles W. Tate, Sr. was the founder of Tate's Tax Service. The business unofficially began in 1956, as Charles prepared income taxes out of his apartment in S.E. Washington, D.C., for family and friends. He realized that most of the individuals he assisted were unaware of basic tax entitlements such as claiming dependents, itemizing deductions, etc. Thus, he realized that his mission was to serve the community by educating clients on their tax rights and benefits. This realization led Charles to take formal training to become a knowledgeable and reputable tax preparer, which led to the official start of Tate's Tax Service. Charles Tate later married Anna Tate; they operated Tate's Tax Service until 1992 when Charles W. Tate Sr. passed.

Charles Tate later married Anna Tate; they operated Tate's Tax Service until 1992 when Charles W. Tate Sr. passed. Over the years, Mr. & Mrs. Tate ran the family business in offices on Good Hope Road S.E. and Rhode Island Avenue N.E. in Washington, D.C. Mr. & Mrs. Tate had children from previous marriages and believed in "All Hands on Deck." They passed their passion and skills for servicing the community with expert tax preparation to all of their offspring. Several of their children pursued formal training in business and accounting as the company's reputation for providing excellent services grew.



Upon Charles' death, his widow Anna Tate moved the operation to Silver Spring, Md.; her children and grandchildren assisted her. Later, her youngest son, Alonzo McPhaul, decided to branch out and establish his own business. Alonzo chose to name his business Tate's Tax Service LLC in honor of his stepfather, Charles W. Tate, and his mother's training and dedication to servicing the community that was modeled to him. Charles' biological sons established their own tax company in Maryland.

In 2004, with the passing of Anna Tate and her son Alonzo McPhaul, Alonzo's stepchildren Phil, Sherrie, and Karen Bryant decided to continue their grandparents' legacy of servicing the community with expert tax service.


They each have over 25 years of experience in tax preparation and have formal training to assist with clients' tax needs: Phil has a B.S. Degree in Information Technology; Sherrie holds a Master's of Business Administration in Specialization and Organizational Leadership (Master's Certificate in Contract Management); and Karen has extensive credits in business and is a Trust Preparer. In addition, Tyler Clements, son of Phil Bryant, now serves alongside Phil, Sherrie, and Karen as an expert tax preparer with four years of experience. Tyler holds a B.S. Degree in Economics and several licenses, including life insurance and Series 6, that allows our firm to expand its financial services.

Our Mission Is to Serve Always



Operating Tate's Tax


Customers Served Every Tax Season


Positive Customer Satisfaction

Tates Tax Service is a local accounting firm based at 4319 Forbes Blvd, Lanham, Maryland - specializing in accounting, tax, and financial consulting services for small business and individual clients since 1956.


All Tate's tax professionals take Continuing Professional Education credits annually to ensure that they remain abreast of tax laws changes, so we continue to offer top-notch service to clients.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We believe in being honest and having strong moral principles.


We take complete 

responsibility for taking care of your tax needs.


We are tax experts with extensive tax and 

business capability.


Not just get customer service but a long term relationship, thats how we do business.


We do what we do to help our community and give back.

We Work With the Very Best

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